Bars of precious metals

Increase your cross-border trade and payment options by adding gold as a diversifier

Solutions for Governments

Gilded allows governments and sovereigns to diversify their foreign reserves by adding gold to their portfolio and then utilize the gold to monetize.

Owning Gold on Gilded

Diversification with the Utility of Cash

On the Gilded network you can:

Use gold to settle transaction with other participants on the network

Transact 24/7/365 – authorized users are not constrained by time zones, banking hours or holidays

Settle cross border payments and eliminate the costs associated with foreign exchange and other intermediary fees*

Experience lower transaction fees for the transfer of value

*Feature coming soon

How Gilded Works for Governments

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Fee Structure

Our fee structure is competitive to similar physical and financial gold products such as bars, coins, ETFs and mutual funds. As fees vary by specific customer needs, ask us when you open an account.

Meet the Team Behind Gilded

We’ve applied our decades of experience in the gold, precious metals and commodity markets to simplify the complexity of owning institutional-quality gold and utilize new technology to make gold digital, mobile and usable.

Find out how Gilded can work for you.