Bars of precious metals

Why Gold

Why Gold

At Gilded, we make gold as accessible as the cash in your portfolio – just a lot more secure. It’s physical gold you can access digitally.

Unlike the various forms of gold funds, known as paper gold, owners of Gilded’s digital gold can always arrange for delivery. Unlike the physical gold you’d typically purchase outright and store on your own, you can access digital gold anytime and use just like invested cash. Digital gold combines physical gold that’s fully allocated and stored in insured Brinks vaults, but has digital capabilities.

But Why Gold?

Gold is a currency that has withstood the test of time.

As other equities and currencies spike and fall with market volatility, gold largely remains stable and secure. As times of uncertainty persist, Gilded provides an easy way to access this stable investment vehicle.

Investing in gold through Gilded gives you a combination of physical gold that’s fully allocated and stored in insured Brinks vaults, with technical capabilities like instant digital transfer.


over paper gold


institutional-grade gold

remote benefits

of physical gold

of access

and cash functionality

Acquire or sell

around the clock

Yield opportunity

with structured product


the timing of taxes


your gold to your door

The Gilded Platform

All of the benefits of ETFs and physical gold + the functionalty of cash

Gilded Gold

We go above the London Bullion Market Association standards in purity at Gilded. Our gold is always of the highest quality at .9999 pure and exclusively Swiss refined.

A Perfect Union of Stability and Functionality.

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