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Gold Audits: How Gilded Ensures Your Gold Exists
- Physical and Financial Audits

Gold Audits: How Gilded Ensures Your Gold is Safe and Secure

Gilded allows investors to seamlessly store their gold in insured, secure vaults. But how can an investor know if their gold actually exists? Gold audits act as an added layer of security, guaranteeing clients that Gilded’s gold is truly in our vaults.

Types of Audits

Gilded employs two different kinds of audits in order to ensure security and trust. Financial audits involve an annual check on our financial statements, completed by a trusted third-party auditor. The other type of audit we use, called a physical audit or location audit, occurs when a third-party auditing service visits the vault in-person to verify that the right amount of gold is in the right vault. Keep reading to learn more about the layer of trust that our physical audits provide our clients.

Gilded’s Physical Audits: A Guarantee of Trust

When an investor chooses to buy Gilded gold, they have the guarantee that they have direct ownership of the gold they buy, meaning the client has a title and immutable property rights over that gold. We conduct thorough physical audits in order to ensure that the gold bars we hold are stored safely in their respective vaults.

Our trusted, third-party inspection services conduct physical audits of all our vaults every financial quarter. Once the auditor arrives at a vault location, they will take detailed notes on bar weights, amounts, and more that will inform an audit report. This report, containing information such as serial numbers, the total number of bars, and the total weight of bars, is given to us two to three weeks after the audit takes place. Gilded uses this report to make sure that our records of bar weights, amounts, and more match the information provided by our auditors. When the two records match up, this provides a guarantee that the gold owned by Gilded and our clients has not been moved, touched, nor tampered with.


At Gilded, we guarantee direct ownership of the highest quality, 24 karat gold. Gold audits ensure that each investor’s property – their gold – exists and is in the correct vault. Our financial audits and physical audits are just two steps that Gilded takes to ensure the highest level of security and trust for our investors’ gold.

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