Jamie Uppenberg

Jamie is the Chief Compliance Officer at Gilded. She has over 15 years of experience working in FinTech, Product Management, Fraud & Identity, and Strategy at multiple firms, including Banco Popular North America, Discover, Global Primex, and CARL. Her specialties also include Banking, Risk Management, Portfolio Management, BI, Payments, Vendor Management, and Business Analysis. She spent the better half of a decade working as Global Head of Digital Payments Strategy and Head of Fraud Prevention Solutions at Discover. Jamie also served as CEO of Global Primex North America, where she focused on leading teams through successful product development, go-to-market activities, and sales excellence. She also held the title of COO for CARL, where she managed all aspects of strategic direction, production planning, technical development, sales & marketing, and consultation with the CEO on equity planning. She earned her MBA from DePaul University and her BS in Psychology from NYU.